This is the initial stage in the City's review process of your project. During this phase a determination will be made whether or not a public hearing on the project will be necessary.

Following completion of the Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting, the project applicant will be informed how the project will be processed. If a public hearing is necessary, a hearing date will be set. The applicant will receive a copy of the staff report with staff's recommendation and conditions in advance of the hearing. If no hearing is necessary, plans will be reviewed by the planning staff for consistency with the Development Code and DRC comments. 

Upon completion of this Phase, construction plans may be submitted for building plan check. 


Flow Chart A:
Entitlement Phase for Development Projects

Zoning Clearance Form completed by applicant

Many minor projects are not required to follow this process; per the Planning Department approval, go to the Post Approval Flow Chart

Application submitted to be reviewed for completeness and accuracy (Development Code Article VI discusses specific types of permits) 

Required documents when application submitted:
1. Application
2. Plans
3. Fees for Planning Processing 

Development Review Committee (DRC) reviews application and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) review

The DRC includes all City Departments to evaluate projects in light of their individual requirements. This meeting helps to clarify any conflicting requirements and informs the applicant of the steps necessary to proceed to the Planning Commission or obtain staff approval. 

Staff determines if any special study reports are needed
Within 30 days the applicant is notified in writing if application is complete or incomplete
If application found incomplete revised plans are to be re-submitted to the DRC

Depending on project complexity, time period between DRC and Public Hearing may vary. 

Issues outside the DRC that may affect the process (see City's CEQA circulation list) For example, neighborhood meetings, etc.
Notification of other public agencies may be required 

Other public agencies may become involved in the process. Please refer to CEQA List maintained by the Planning Division. 

Application deemed complete/CEQA Determination/Preparation of CEQA Document 

There is a 30 to 90 day period between application being deemed complete and the public hearing.

Conditions for project established from each Department (Goal of 7 days in advance to applicant) 
Staff report and recommendations to Commission or Council (Please refer to Table 6-1 in Article VI of the Development Code for Guidance).
If approved, see FLOW CHART B.

This site has been prepared as an aid to homeowners and builders and should be used as an outline of the City's review process. We have attempted to explain the nuances of the process without overwhelming the user.

This site is not the final word and City staff should be consulted throughout the process. Further, not all projects are subject to steps within this site.


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