Deborah Steller
Media Operations Director

     Arvin Petros, Media Operations Supervisor
     Karlo Gorgin, Senior Media Specialist
     Jason Lee Mier, Senior Media Specialist
     Bob Burris, Public Information Officer (Part-Time)
     Rachel Biety, Executive Assistant
     Molly Richmond, Executive Assistant (Part-Time)
     Greg Barraza, Media Production Specialist (Part-Time)
     Adam Hawley, Media Production Specialist (Part-Time)

Information Systems Division

     Tony Yin, Information Systems Manager
     Ryan Pasiliao, Information Systems Assistant
     Andy Hong, Information Systems Assistant

Library Services

      Barbara Lockwood, City Librarian
      Karilyn Steward, Librarian
      Vacant, Librarian
      Anita Torres, Library Circulation Supervisor
      Suchandra Ghosh, Library Technical Services Coordinator
      Jill Nevins, Library Technician, Children's Services
      Sarah Abdali, Executive Assistant
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