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are open 7:30am-2:00pm on Friday; The Planning Counter is by appointment only

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This department is responsible for the administration of the City's development process including residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

The Planning Division performs current and long range planning, enforces zoning and land use regulations, reviews site and development plans, provides technical support to City departments, including the City’s Planning Commission and other committees and boards and implements activities relating to the enhancement of the community's economic base.

The Building and Safety Division is responsible for review of building plans, issuance of permits, inspection of construction and property, investigation of complaints relating to building and construction, and also code enforcement. The Building Official is also responsible for the preparation and implementation of the City’s emergency response plan.


Maureen Tamuri, AICP
Community Development Director
Planning / Environmental Division  (818) 224-1600
     Tom Bartlett, AICP, City Planner
     Glenn Michitsch, Senior Planner
      Michael Klein, Senior Planner
     Krystin Rice, Planner
     Andrew Cohen-Cutler, Associate Planner
      Vacant, Associate Planner
     Elizabeth Parker, Executive Assistant II
     Vacant, Executive Assistant

Building and Safety Division

     Sparky Cohen, Building Official
     Ruben Flores, Senior Building Inspector
     Alex Savala, Building Inspector
     Vacant, Building Inspector
     Raymond Soria, Code Enforcement Officer
     Armando Saavedra, Code Enforcement Officer
     Monica Shinder, Permit Center Supervisor
     Dawn Robinson, Building Assistant (part-time)
     Jan Silver, Executive Assistant
     Bob Woodard, Plan Checker
Calabasas Projects

Calabasas Municipal Code

Calabasas Trails Master Plan
   Calabasas Trails Map (.pdf)
   Calabasas Trails Regional Map
City Matrix - Annexations
City Annexations - Map
City Owned / Leased / Easement Properties
   Certificate of Completion - 1992 Annexation to the City of Calabasas

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Funded Assistance Programs

Community Development Department Annual Report, 2006-2007 (pdf - 3.8mb)
Community View GIS/Mapping
Current Planning Projects
Headwaters Corner at Calabasas Master Plan
Mulholland Highway Master Plan for Capital Improvements (.pdf)

Notice of Intent to Adopt Negative Declaration for the City of Calabasas Development Code Update
The ABC's of Development Process
   A. Entitlement
   B. Plan Check
   C. Permit Issuance

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