Full-Time Permanent Employees Benefits

The following description is a general overview of the benefits provided to full-time employees. For specific details, please review the Human Resource Guidelines and the annual Compensation Resolution, or contact the Human Resources office.

Auto Allowance. At the discretion of the City Manager, certain employees are eligible for a monthly auto allowance, treated by law as taxable income. All other employees are eligible for mileage reimbursement at the approved IRS rate.

Bereavement Leave. In the event of a death in the employee’s immediate family, the employee will be eligible for five work days of paid leave for bereavement.

Cafeteria Plan. The City offers employees a monthly flex credit amount toward the purchase of their medical, dental, and vision plans; the amount provides coverage for the employee, plus all qualified dependents, with no out-of-pocket expense for the employee.

Computer Loan Program. Once an employee has successfully completed their probationary period, an interest-free loan is available to employees in an amount up to $3,000.

Dental Insurance. The City contracts with Delta Dental for dental coverage for employees, plus their qualified dependents.

Deferred Compensation. The City offers a voluntary 457 contribution plan with ICMA, and provides a 2% contribution match.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The City contracts with MHN to provide short term counseling benefits and life management services and referrals to employees, their dependents, and any other members within their household. The City pays the full cost of the premium.

Fitness/Recreation Programs. The City provides a complimentary employee only membership to the Calabasas Tennis and Swim Center and the Agoura Hills/Calabasas Community Center. The City also provides a 30% discount at Creekside Preschool and on classes and programs offered through the Recreation Brochure.

Flexible Spending Accounts. As part of the Cafeteria Plan, the City offers employees the use of designated reimbursement accounts for either health or dependent care expenses, which allows employees to pay for qualified expenses on a tax-free basis.

Floating Holiday. Each employee is given one Floating Holiday per fiscal year to be used at the discretion of their Department Head.

Holidays. The City recognizes 11½ paid holidays per year: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve (½ day).

Jury Duty Leave. Employees are granted up to ten paid days for jury service.

Life Insurance. The City provides life insurance for employees in an amount equal to three times the employee’s annual salary, up to a maximum of $350,000. The City pays the full cost of the premium.

Medical Insurance. The City contracts with CalPERS to offer medical insurance to employees, plus their qualified dependents. There is a choice from among five plans, all of which are fully covered by the City: Blue Shield (HMO), Blue Shield NetValue (HMO), Kaiser Permanente (HMO), PERS Choice (Blue Cross PPO), and PERS Select (Blue Cross PPO). For an out-of-pocket cost, the employee may elect a sixth medical plan option: PERS Care (Blue Cross PPO).

Payday. The City issues paychecks on a biweekly basis on every other Friday.

Retirement. The City contracts with the California Public Employees Retirements System (CalPERS) to provide retirement benefits. The City pays the employee contribution rate and provides the PERS 2% at 55 Local Miscellaneous Members Retirement Program for Classic Members, plus 1959 Survivor Benefits third level and Sick Leave Service Credit.

Short and Long Term Disability Insurance. The City provides both short and long term disability insurance for employees in a benefit amount of to 66% of the employee’s salary. The City pays the full cost of the premium.

Sick Leave. Employees accrue sick leave biweekly at a rate of 96 hours per year. Sick leave may be used upon accrual.

Skill and Computer Training. At the discretion of the Department Head and City Manager, the City offers and pays the full cost for employees to attend trainings directly relevant to their responsibilities.

Tuition Reimbursement. The City offers tuition reimbursement to employees for qualified classes and/or programs in an amount not to exceed the equivalent cost at a California State University. Pre-approval by the employee’s Department Head and the Administrative Services Director is required.

Vacation Leave. Employees accrue vacation leave bi-weekly in accordance with their length of service, as follows:

Up to 24 months of service 80 hours per year
24 months – 60 months of service 96 hours per year
60 months – 132 months of service 136 hours per year
132 months + of service 176 hours per year

Vacation may be taken upon completion of six months of employment with the City at the discretion of the Department Head.

Additional vacation leave is granted to eligible employees in recognition of the extra hours worked to accomplish the requirements of the job. This leave shall not exceed 72 hours for management employees, 64 hours for mid-management employees, and 56 hours for supervisory/professional employees.

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