Pre-History: Calabasas was a Chumash Indian Settlement, where Indians living closer to the ocean foraged into the area for acorns, berries and small game.
February 22, 1776 The de Anza explorers, first to visit this area, stopped near the creek.
August 18, 1795 The name "Calabasas" first appeared in San Fernando mission records.
1844-46: The building later known as the Leonis Adobe was built by an unknown settler.
1880: Miguel Leonis and his Indian wife Ispiritu move into the Adobe.
April 10, 1906 Ispiritu Leonis dies, leaving the ranch to her son, Juan Mendez, who gradually sold off parcels.
1921: Juan Mendez lost the last portion of the ranch to Martin Agoure (after whom the town of Agoura is named).
Mid 1920's: Area bought by a Mr. Hutchinson, who built a house, gas station, and nursery.
1963: The land bought by Mrs. Walter Beachy as part of her attempt to preserve Calabasas’ "Old Town".
1974: Mrs. Beachy died and in 1982 her trustees gave her property in Calabasas to the Leonis Adobe Association, which preserved the area named "Calabasas Creek Park" for public use.
1978: The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area was created and helped to ensure the protection of much of the pristine land in and around Calabasas.
April 5, 1991 In a special election, the citizenry voted by a greater than 9-to-1 margin to create the new City of Calabasas.
August 26, 1991 Charles Cate is the first Calabasas City Manager.
September 21, 1994 The City purchased the Tennis & Swim Center at 23400 Park Sorrento.
February 27, 1998 The Grand Re-opening of Renovated Old Town Calabasas.
July 11, 1998 The Library was taken over from Los Angeles County by the City of Calabasas and officially became the Calabasas Library.
September 2, 1998 The Grand Opening of Bark Park, the Calabasas Dog Park.
November 12, 1998 The Grand Opening of "The Commons" Shopping Center
February 21, 1999 The Grand Opening of Creekside Park and Community Center.
May 1, 1999 The Calabasas Library moved into it's new 4,000 square foot home on the first floor of City Hall.
November 1999 The Agoura Hills / Calabasas Community Center opened as a joint venture with the City of Agoura Hills.  The Center is located off of Lost Hills Road near Agoura Road.  
September 2000 Donald R. Duckworth was named the new City Manger, succeeding Charles R. Cate, who retired in March of 1999 after serving as City Manager for eight years.
October 28, 2000 Acquisition of Gates Canyon Park.
April 5, 2001 The City marks its ten year anniversary.
March 16, 2002 The Calabasas Library moved to its new 12,000 Sq. Ft. space, on the first floor at 23975 Park Sorrento
November 2003 The WLCB allocated $135,000,000 of Proposition 50 funding for the purchase of Ahmanson Ranch and on November 7, 2003, the Ahmanson Ranch acquisition was finalized.
December 2003 Tony Coroalles was named the new City Manger, succeeding Donald R. Duckworth, who retired after serving as City Manager for three years.
January 7, 2004 City Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance requiring all new non-residential development to achieve the equivalent of a “Certified” or “Silver” rating using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) v.2.0 rating system.
March 19, 2004 A.C. Stelle Middle School, a state-of-the art school in Calabasas, officially opened for the community.
March 17, 2006 The Second-Hand Smoke Ordinance took effect, prohibiting smoking in all public places in the City of Calabasas at times when other persons will be exposed to second-hand smoke.
May 15, 2006 A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Gates Canyon Park to celebrate the construction of Brandon's Village, a universally accessible playground.
October 28, 2006

Brandon's Village, a universally accessible playground, held a grand opening celebration at Gates Canyon Park.

January 6, 2007 The Calabasas Civic Center groundbreaking ceremony was held at the future Civic Center site.
February 21, 2007 Calabasas City Council members adopted Ordinance 2007-233 banning retail food establishments, nonprofit food providers and City facilities from using food packaging materials made of expanded polystyrene, known popularly by the trademark name Styrofoam.
July 18, 2007 Ground breaking for the Las Virgenes Creek Restoration Project.
January 16, 2008 The Calabasas City Council unanimously voted to regulate smoking in and around rental housing in Calabasas.
February 23, 2008 The Las Virgenes Creek Restoration is formally dedicated with a grand reopening.
July 13, 2008 A ribbon cutting is held for the Calabasas Civic Center.
July 21, 2008 The Calabasas Civic Center opens featuring a new City Hall and Library.
November 3, 2008 The Summit at Calabasas Commercial Development broke ground.
December 10, 2008 The City's 2030 General Plan update is presented to, and adopted by, the City Council.
January 20, 2010 The Calabasas Civic Center is presented with a “Gold” standard from the United States Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System for new construction.
February 9, 2011 City Council voted to regulate the use of plastic carryout bags and recyclable paper bags, and promote the use of reusable bags in the City of Calabasas.
April 5, 2011 The City marks its twenty year anniversary.
April 5, 2016 The City marks its twenty-five year anniversary.
April 25, 2016 A ribbon cutting is held for the Calabasas Senior Center.

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