On this episode, host, Laureen Morick chair of the Calabasas Arts Council, tours the studio of artist Michael Olshefski: Primal Modern.

Michael Olshefski: Primal Modern

Host Laureen Morick with
artist & designer Michael Olshefski at his Primal Modern studio.

Preview35bFor award-winning artist and designer  Michael Olshefski, the process of transforming Earth-born materials into spectacular and luxurious works of art is an intimate process - he hand-selects every wood element and allows it to inform and inspire his ultimate design. The end result evokes a highly primal response in the viewer time and again.

"My work is inspired by direct personal experiences in nature, Eastern art and philosophy, and minimalist modern architecture and design."

Michael’s studio, Primal Modern, specializes in fine furnishings, sculpture, and objects of art from salvaged and reclaimed wood. Each piece is one of a kind and speaks to a passion for design, precision craftsmanship and a reverence for nature. His work - timeliness, organic and devoid of stains or dyes - is rooted in the ancient art and philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, modern art, architecture and design. Wabi-Sabi recognizes that all things are in constant transition - Michael freezes this transition to capture the essence of the tree and create sublime beauty at the heart of every piece. His environmentally beautiful furnishings pay homage to the planet and to our desire for well-being… they enhance daily life in every way.

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