This episode host Laureen Morick visits with two artists that love cars:

Charles Abrams worked in the advertising agency business for over thirty years.  He eventually turned his  hobby, photographing cars, into a fine tuned skill.  He redirected his career to pursue his passion for creating unusual and distinctive photographs.
"I try to capture the essence of my subjects in terms of intense color, composition, lighting, pattern, shape, form, or texture."

unique local artist with a wonderful eye for beauty.  Visit his website at:

Michael Lee Malmut is an avid car collector, with many unique, unusual and one-of-a-kind classic automobiles.  Join Laureen as we tour the Malmut Autoland Museum.

Coming soon to Calabasas will be his Malmut Autoland Museum. To contact Michael Malmut call: (805) 207-8067


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