Tom Gamache & Matthew Jaffe

Host Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library with author Matthew Jaffe and photographer Tom Gamache, discussing their book, "Santa Monica Mountains: Range on the Edge".

SantaMonicaMntsNo mountain range spans such diverse geological and cultural worlds as the magnificent Santa Monica Mountains. Stretching forty-six miles from Griffith Park in the heart of Los Angeles through the City of Calabasas, to the sands of the blue Pacific, they rise to separate the city from the suburbs.

The Santa Monicas oversee canyons, thoroughfares, valleys, business parks, villages, a world-class metropolis, and even spawning runs of steelhead trout; their span is Los Angeles.

And these are mountains that have gone uncelebrated, until now in "Santa Monica Mountains: Range on the Edge", a compelling history and commentary by award-winning writer Matthew Jaffe, punctuated with 140 breathtaking images captured by award-winning landscape-art photographer Tom Gamache. This is the definitive biography lovers of the Santa Monica Mountains have been waiting for, the story of a magnificent range on the edge of America's edgiest city.

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