Dr. Milton Chu

Dr. Milton Chu an ophthalmologist in Camarillo, California, at the Calabasas Library with host Karyn Foley, discussing his novels, "Capri Ripples" and "Telling Stories".

ChuDr. Milton Chu is a successful ophthalmologist working out of Camarillo, California, and recently ventured into the writing world, with his novel "Capri Ripples" and short stories, "Telling Stories".

Dr. Chu has traveled the world and his adventures in Italy lead him to write his first novel "Capri Ripples" about a young man who ever since he dropped out of college, a trust fund has allowed John Marche the freedom to followwhims and chase dreams. His parents, his longtime girlfriend, and his rich friends at the marina don’t seem to understand him anymore. They think he needs a more respectable plan for the future. But this handsome twenty-nine-year-old idealist cares about only two things: a certain very expensive Italian boat and the ideal destination to take her for a cruise—the legendary blue waters around the island of Capri.chu

"Telling Stories" is a collection of short stories about love and divorce, victory and defeat, coming of age and midlife crises. Milton Chu explores these dramas with a diverse cast of characters, from a recklessly driving sociopath to an aging professor to a boxer who visits the Sistine Chapel.

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