Peter Arthur

Host Karyn Foley, at the Calabasas Library, with Author Peter Arthur discussing his science fiction novel, "The Fight for Immortality".

Peter Arthur was born in Australia where he lived until the age of 17.   In 1988 Peter had a vivid dream. This dream became the basis for the interstellar culture called the “Directory of Stars and Planets” or more simply the Directory. His first book entitled The Fight for Immortality" introduces this culture.

In the book, the character Jack Cousins, all his life, has felt an urge to achieve extraordinary things - but has no idea of what direction to take. Jack senses he has great power but struggles to win a baseball game. When a small company in Las Vegas introduces advanced technology and education to the world he feels a deep turmoil. Both he and Earth will be impacted by forces so powerful and so deceptive that they are accepted by all. In fact life on Earth will appear better to almost everyone. When Jack's girlfriend decides to get trained in the emerging new high technology, Jack fears she is in mortal danger and is compelled to take extreme measures to protect her. In the face of insurmountable odds, Jack must accept the challenge and fight for immortality - or die trying.

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