Dennis Archambault

At the Calabasas Library, author Dennis Archambault discusses his novel "AndrogynyJOY: A Story of Good and Evil in the Underworld", with host Karyn Foley.

In "AndrogynyJOY: A Story of Good and Evil in the Underworld", two young adults, Kore and Jason, are drugged and kidnapped at a retro-nightclub, Bottomfeeders, and are taken to a clandestine, medical factory. A pathological surgeon, Beliar, and wicked neuro-pharmacologist, Hecate, along with the operational mastermind Hermes, are creating an army of Androgyny. A shapeshifter, retired detective, Morgan, describes them this way, The Androgyny is a figure in mythology which enjoys immortality and is a harmonious blend of female and male with which it harnesses the power of the gods. An army of Androgyny warriors would be invincible, but with all humanity cut out...literally. The two young adult s parents, Demeter and Lycus, are captured in their attempt to rescue their children. In the revelation of horrors and secrets Demeter and Hecate discover their identical twinship and must face the consequences. As love blooms between Demeter and Lycus, they enact a mythic quest celebrating reBirth in a supremely adult, erotic Isis Love Offering, ceremony dedicated to Osiris. In this tautly constructed, fast-paced, scene-cutting novel the prisoners struggle to prevent the malevolent geniuses from their planned Halloween release of the Androgyny army. With plans of conquest in disarray, victory is achieved at the cost of many souls and one yet to be sacrificed.

Good must be ever vigilant because Evil seeks a new messenger for the gods...relentlessly

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