Karen Holly

At the Calabasas Library, author Karen Holly discusses her book "A Crowd of Stars", with host Karyn Foley.

In "A Crowd of Stars", the debut novel from Karen Holly, three young women from vastly different backgrounds find themselves on even footing, forming a close relationship during their first year in college based on their inclinations toward adventure, romance, and literature. Upon graduation, after this bond carried on through their university years, they diverge on their own paths. Despite the strong bonds they forged, one wonders when - if ever - their paths my cross again.

"In the resulting clashes of religion, politics, ethnicity, and geography, the three women encounter people and situations they could never have imagined when they were studying Shakespeare and Yeats in the classrooms of their ivy-covered New England colleges," explains Holly. "In the pursuit of happiness, they each cross-continents and oceans, finding themselves tangled up with other people and their ambitions. This personal and cultural exploration ultimately helps the three young women realize how supportive, honest friends are important and not necessarily sitting on every fence post."

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