Gordon Myers

Author Gordon Myers, discussing his book, Street Smart Kids - Common Sense For The Real World with Karyn Foley at the Calabasas Library.

Gordon Myers, entrepreneur, author, coach, proud father to a son and daughter, happily married for 22 years, arrived all alone in the USA as a young man with nothing more than a backpack. His experiences qualify him as a true survivor and so he brings a wealth of real life experience and compelling stories to the younger generation.

With 10 plus years of coaching youth sports and mentoring kids of all ages, Gordon can relate well to the challenging issues that our youth face caused mostly by a lack of self confidence and the wrath of peer pressure. Without sugar coating anything, Gordon can still make kids feel important and show them the respect that they deserve.

Street Smart Kids - Common Sense For The Real World is based on the very simple premise that we are all surrounded by experienced people everywhere, each one a potential teacher.  It is also fair to say that one can learn something from every living creature. Sometimes it is an obvious lesson but more often it is not!

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