Heather McPhaul

Host Karyn Foley's guest is Heather McPhaul, author of "Raggedy Ann Heart" and
"Fire in the Hole, , A Year in the Life of the World's Sorriest Stuntwoman"

Author Heather McPhaul grew up on a farm and a ranch in West Texas in a county containing only one town and fewer than 700 residents.  It inspired her to write her first novel, "Raggedy Ann Heart", a charming coming of age tale about a family struggling to get by in rural West Texas in the 70s.

McPhaul's novel qualified as a finalist in Young Adult Fiction for the 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Indie Excellence Awards.

McPhaul was a stunt woman in a Wild West show in Tucson, Arizona, which inspired her to write, "Fire in the Hole, , A Year in the Life of the World's Sorriest Stuntwoman", a comically dramatic story of a thirty-something actress facing serious changes in her life while training to become a stuntwoman at a quirky western theme park.

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