Patrice Karst

Host Karyn Foley's guest is Patrice Karst, author of "The Invisible String" and
"The Smile That Went Around the World"

Using her entertaining unique blend of humor, honest and audience interaction Patrice Karst shares her message of hope, love and and comfort to appreciative audiences everywhere. The messages found in all of her work motivate people of all faiths and and walks of life to find their own sense of spiritual strength.  Her work touches children and adults alike.

"The Invisible String" A wonderful story about the invisible string that connects loved ones. Whenever one thinks about another member of the family, the string gives a tug and you feel it.

"The Smile That Went Around the World" What starts out as a simple gift that sparks a smile and a chain reaction of kindness, this heart-warming story is about a smile . . . that went around the world.

Tune in to hear this very inspirational and touching interview.

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