Digital Storytelling Program

Calabasas residents are urged to tell their stories as part of the
“California of the Past” Digital Storytelling Program.

In 2007, “California of the Past” was developed as a project for libraries and local non-profits to gather stories of California’s past, immigration stories, World War II memories, farm tales, tribal heritage, and sage advice from citizens over 100 years old. By 2009, over 30 libraries across the state of California had joined the program combining emerging technology, community partnerships and local history to create hundreds of digital stories and hold dozens of community presentations.

Calabasas was chosen as a host site to collect stories for the "California of the Past" program. Residents are encouraged to share their stories of coming to Calabasas or California, their days in school, stories of neighborhoods from the past, tales of local historic events, family stories and any other information that contributes to the spirit of the project. The stories will be reviewed before being recorded, to keep them focused and concise. The footage, along with any photos that may apply, will be edited by the Calabasas Media Operations Department into a short 2-5 minute story video. The final videos will be available to check out at the library, a copy made for the storyteller, and uploaded to the Calabasas Digital Stories page

Residents interested in sharing their stories can make an appointment by contacting Arvin Petros at (818) 224-1631 and  or Karilyn Steward at (818) 224-1753 and

** The Digital Story Station is funded by a grant from the California State Library **

From L.A to NY - September 11, 2001 - Calabasas Digital Stories on Blip

From L.A. to NY - September 11, 2001

Retired L.A. County Fire Fighter Jim Jordan recalls his rescue efforts at ground zero after September 11th.

Release date
Aug 17, 2011
From L.A to LA - Hurricane Katrina - Calabasas Digital Stories on Blip

From L.A to LA - Hurricane Katrina

Retired L.A County Fire Captain, Jim Jordan talks about his experiences providing aid to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Release date
Aug 17, 2011
Skippy My Therapy Dog - Calabasas Digital Stories on Blip

Skippy My Therapy Dog

Arlene Bernholtz talks about her animal assisted therapy dog Skippy.

Release date
Aug 17, 2011
Calabasas Moon Dreams - Calabasas Digital Stories on Blip

Calabasas Moon Dreams

Calabasas resident Pablo Pereira recalls his childhood dreams of traveling to the moon, and how that influenced his career path.

Release date
Apr 26, 2011
Coming to California - Calabasas Digital Stories on Blip

Coming to California

Moorpark, CA resident, Greg Barraza reminises about his youth, family and his arrival to Californa.

Release date
Apr 25, 2011

Foundation For a FulFilling Life by Harold Arkoff

Harold Arkoff is part of the Las Virgenes Chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars . He served in the Cannon Company 162nd Infantry - 41st Division from 1943-46 during WWII. The US Army's 41st was one of the first division to enter Japan, specifically Hiroshima, after their surrender and the end of the war. Now a long time Calabasas resident and an active member of the community, tune in to hear Mr. Arkoff share his story and life experiences.

Release date
Mar 9, 2011

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