The City of Calabasas is committed to providing commercial properties all necessary information and resources needed to implement efficient recycling programs. City council set the goal of reaching 75% recycling diversion by 2012; we cannot reach this number without the participation of Calabasas businesses AND multifamily residents.

With the passage of Assembly Bill (AB) 341, all commercial businesses that generate four cubic yards or more of waste per week and multifamily units of five or more are required to recycle. The purpose of this new law is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting commercial solid waste from landfills and expand opportunities for recycling in California.  

What sort of recycling resources does Calabasas provide?

  City Recycling Signage, to be placed at large indoor bins and outside on trash enclosure. These metal signs can be provided to your property free of charge.

What about hazardous waste and electronic waste?

1) The City of Calabasas has two electronic waste roundups per month that accept commercial electronic items. The 1st Saturday of each month held at the Albertsons Shopping Center from 10am-3pm and the 3rd Saturday of each month held at the Vons Shopping Center from 10am-3pm.

2) The County of Los Angeles has several permanent hazardous waste drop off locations and a temporary collection at the Lost Hills landfill once per year. Please check the following website for more information Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County.


How do I go about adding additional recycling bins and or taking away unnecessary trash bins?

1) The City of Calabasas has a franchise agreement with Waste Management for trash and recycling services they can be reached at 1-800-675-1171 or Waste Management

2) Pursuant to the franchise agreement Calabasas commercial properties are not charged for pickup or recycling and or green waste bins.


What if I need additional information?

Please check the listed links for recycling information applicable to Los Angeles County and the State of California

Los Angeles County Materials Exchange  (LACoMAX)
is a materials exchange where materials or items that are available or wanted are posted. Simply type in information about the item or material you want to discard or inquire about and your information is available to anyone in the region with Internet access. Listings are accessible both by material category and geographic region.

Smart Business Recycling
offers information and advice for setting up and expanding waste reduction and recycling programs.

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX)
The CalMAX program is a free service that lists furniture, construction materials, commodities, etc., which are available or no longer needed by businesses or non-profit organizations.

Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle)
The California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) RMDZ program provides attractive loans, technical assistance and free product marketing to qualified businesses that use materials from the waste stream to manufacture their products.

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