This site has been prepared as an aid to homeowners and builders and should be used as an outline of the City's review process. We have attempted to explain the nuances of the process without overwhelming the user.

This site is not the final word and City staff should be consulted throughout the process. Further, not all projects are subject to steps within this site.

This is the initial stage in the City's review process of your project. During this phase a determination will be made whether or not a public hearing on the project will be necessary.

Following completion of the Development Review Committee (DRC) meeting, the project applicant will be informed how the project will be processed. If a public hearing is necessary, a hearing date will be set. The applicant will receive a copy of the staff report with staff's recommendation and conditions in advance of the hearing. If no hearing is necessary, plans will be reviewed by the planning staff for consistency with the Development Code and DRC comments. 

Upon completion of this Phase, construction plans may be submitted for building plan check. 

Phase B is the plan check phase of the review process. It involves both internal city departments and external review agencies. Following compliance with the requirements of all City departments and outside agencies, building permits and grading permits (if necessary) will be issued. 
Phase C covers the grading, construction and occupancy phases of the project. During this phase all conditions and mitigation measures will be enforced. It is only after all conditions and mitigation measures  have been fully met can a building  be occupied.

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