Project Title:

Thomas Safran Associates Senior Affordable Housing Development - "Canyon Creek Calabasas"


4803 El Canon Avenue

Approvals: Planning Commission: January 3, 2008
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City Council: January 16, 2008
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Construction Start Date:

Grading for this project commenced in April 2010. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on-site on May 26, 2010. The project was completed Fall 2011, and the project is now 100% occupied.


Per CEQA Statute §21159.23, affordable housing projects on infill properties, such as the subject project, are statutorily exempt from CEQA review.  However, an exception to this exemption applies when a project will impact any protected natural plant or animal life, and this project will result in the loss of protected oak trees.   Therefore, after consultation with the City Attorney, in July 2007, planning staff determined that an environmental document was required.  In August 2007, City consultants began preparing the Draft Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) for the proposed project.  The Draft MND was made available for public review on October 31, 2007.  The review period ended on November 29, 2007.  Comments sent to planning staff were responded to and incorporated in the Final MND, which was adopted by Planning Commission on January 3, 2008.

Thomas Safran Senior Affordable Housing Mitigated Negative Declaration  FINAL (36Mb .pdf file)

Contact: Talyn Mirzakhanian,

The official Canyon Creek Calabasas website is available at  It features information about the project as well as details on eligibility, rent costs and application information.

Completed Project photos December 2011 (click for larger version):


Construction photos December 2010 (click for larger version):


Photos from May 26, 2010 Groundbreaking (click for larger version):


On December 8, 2006, Thomas Safran Associates, Inc. submitted an application for a proposed 75-unit senior affordable housing development to be located at 4803 El Canon Avenue in Old Town, Calabasas, for households earning between thirty and sixty percent of the Area Median Income.  At that time, the parcel was occupied by a vacant single-family residence and appurtenant accessory structures.  The property is located in the Commercial, Old Town (CT) zone and has a General Plan land use designation of Business-Old Town (B-OT).  Senior residential projects are permitted in the CT zone through a Conditional Use Permit process per Section 17.14.020 of the Land Use and Development Code.

The project includes construction of two, three-story buildings that would have a total floor area of 52,825 square-feet.  The buildings will be connected by a network of landscaped walkways, with a subterranean parking garage below.  The buildings will be comprised of 74 one-bedroom units ranging from 550 square-feet to 650 square-feet, one two-bedroom unit at 1,124 square-feet intended to house the on-site manager, and various recreation rooms.

Project design incorporates an “early western” architectural theme, preserving the “Old West” character and style recommended in the Old Town Master Plan and Design Guidelines.  The design includes balconies, canopies and overhangs, and facades with typical Old West style articulation and materials.  More specifically, wood framed doors and windows and wood siding are proposed to capture the traditional Old West style.  The applicant proposes to heavily landscape the development by adding numerous new trees and shrubs to a large stock of the existing trees on the property.  The proposed landscape plan complements the Old Town theme and helps unify Old Town through creative and quality landscape design.

On January 3, 2008, the Planning Commission reviewed the project at a noticed public hearing.  After thorough review and discussion, the Commission unanimously voted to adopt Resolution No. 08-407, approving File No(s). SPR-006-101 and CUP-600-025 and adopting the associated Mitigated Negative Declaration.  The Commission also adopted Resolution No. 08-408, recommending to City Council approval of OAK-007-010.

On January 16, 2008, City Council reviewed the associated Oak Tree Permit (OAK-007-010) at a noticed public hearing and adopted Resolution No. 2008-1115, approving the removal of one heritage oak tree and one non-heritage oak tree and encroachment into the protected zone of three non-heritage oak trees in order to construct the project. Later that evening, the City Council committed to providing Thomas Safran Associates with $1,000,000.00 of funding from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund in exchange for a residual receipts loan for the approved project.  The City’s commitment to funding was contingent upon the applicant securing his other sources of funding within two years of the meeting date.


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