As of February 2009, the City of Calabasas will be enforcing new parking guidelines for all recreational vehicles, utility trailers, and campers.  According to these new guidelines, parking recreational vehicles on any public street is prohibited without a parking pass. Short-term parking of recreational vehicles will be permitted up to seventy-two [72] hours with a parking pass.  The purpose of a parking pass is to allow users of recreational vehicles to park next to their residences to load and unload and to allow out-of-town visitors to park in front of their residence for a limited time period.  No more than two parking passes may be issued to an applicant within a thirty-day period.  Property owners will be limited to a maximum of eight parking passes per calendar year unless otherwise authorized by the Director.

The current ordinance in effect permits an encroachment into the side yard for storage of recreational vehicles provided that a five foot emergency pathway is maintained around the residence at all times. All recreational vehicles that are visible from the public view must be screened. The area devoted to recreational vehicle storage may not exceed four hundred square feet of any property. 

Parking passes may be obtained from the City free of charge either on the website or by visiting the Permit Center at City Hall, which is located at 100 Civic Center Way.  The application process may begin by telephone but must be completed either on the website or at the Permit Center.  To obtain the parking pass, applicants must provide proof of tenancy, which includes but is not limited to: a driver’s license, utility bill, deed, lease document, or insurance document.  Violating the new recreational vehicle ordinance may result in fines issued by the City or the Sheriff’s Department beginning at $100 per day.

Please contact Armando Saavedra at (818) 224-1723 or any Code Enforcement Officer for questions regarding the new recreational vehicle ordinance.   For questions regarding parking pass issuance please contact Monica Shinder, the Permit Center Coordinator at (818) 224-1600 ext.725 or any Building Center Assistant.


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