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Handouts & Forms


A Guide to Safe Recycled Water Use

Address Numbers Request

Allowable Construction Hours

Alternative Materials or Methods

Attached Patio Covers

Building Inspection Requests

Building Standards Bulletin 08-01 - SB 1473

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation
   Residential EV Charging Checklist
   Multi-family EV Charging Checklist
   Non-Residential EV Charging Checklist

Furnace in Attic Location

Geotechnical Investigations & Reporting

Graywater System Requirements for SFR

HVAC - Nonresidential HVAC Change Out for (E) Permitted Equipment

Lead Paint Regulations

Plot Plan Requirements

Regulatory Agency Referrals

Residential Bathroom Remodel

Residential Kitchen Renovations

Residential Permit Application Requirements

Residential Plan Requirements

Residential Window Replacement

Roof Recovering and Replacement

SB-407 Policy and Interpretation

Seismic Hazard Zone Projects

Sewer Site Plan Example

Slope Setback Section 1808.7

Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Self-Certification

Solar PV Standard Electrical Plan
   Central Inverter Systems for Single Family Dwellings
Micro Inverter Systems for Single Family Dwellings

Tankless Water Heaters

Tenant Improvement Authorization

Tenant Improvement Submittal Requirements

Trash Enclosure Generic Standards

Unreasonable Hardship for Tenant Improvements

Wall Retaining Block Section

Wall Garden Block (Non-Retaining)

Water Heater Installation

Work Exempt from Permits




Address Numbers Request (new or change)

Alternative Materials or Methods

Appeal of Building Official Decision(s)

Authorized Agent Form - Contractor

Authorized Agent Form - Owner

Certificate of Occupancy Application

Construction Permit Forms
   Building Project Identification Instructions
   Building Project Identification (required anytime a permit is pulled)
   Building Permit/Plan Review Application
   Electrical Permit Application
   Mechanical Permit Application
   Plumbing Permit Application
   Property Owner's Disclosure (necessary for Owner/Builder pulling a permit)

Change of Contractor

Conditional Electrical Service Connection Application

Copying of Plans

Cross-Connection Plan Approval Application

Electrical Schedule

Engineer, Architect, Designer, Soils Engineer Information Sheet

Fax Permit Application and Fee Worksheet

Fee Refund Request

New Tenants Permit Application

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Checklist

Mechanical Schedule

Notice to Neighbors - Proposed Construction Outside of Permitted Hours

Permit Extension Request

Plumbing Schedule

Public Records Request

SB-407 Certificate of Compliance

Fenestration Certificate of Installation -- CF2R-ENV-01-E

Title 24 Compliance Forms
   Alterations - HVAC
Fenestration - Certificate of Installation - CF2R-ENV-01-E
   Pool and Spa Heating Systems CF2R-PLB-03-E
   Sign Lighting (Certificate of Compliance) NRCC-LTS-01-E
   Sign Lighting (Certificate of Installation) NRCI-LTS-01-E
Water Heater CF1R-Alt-01-E

Unreasonable Hardship Exception to Disabled Access Requirements Application

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